The Aquarius Man and the Aries Woman

The Aquarius man aries woman  man and the Aries woman are an exciting pair. Both of them are impulsive and love to face life on its head. They also get along well with each other and understand their needs perfectly. However, as a fire and air sign duo they are prone to drama and there are some major areas where they have to work on their compatibility.

The Aries woman loves all the privileges of being a female together with equality with men. She has clever wits and can easily engage in an intellectual battle with her male counterparts. This is what makes her the perfect partner for an Aquarius man. He admires her courage and strength and she enjoys his jolly nature, which keeps them excited.

Astrological Alchemy: The Magnetic Union of an Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

When it comes to love and sex, this couple can have a wild and passionate affair that is sure to last for a long time. They may start off their romance with a lot of senseless sex and a bit of a rough and raw approach to their relationship but once they find a balance this duo will be able to give the other the affectionate and physical attention they crave.

This is a very unique and different partnership and will require a lot of effort from both parties to keep it going in the right direction. But once they manage to put their differences aside and learn how to deal with a few minor disagreements then this is one couple that can make it big in life.

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