Rolled Canvas Prints

Large prints can make a huge impact on empty walls. They’re great as single pieces or in groupings and work best with photos, paintings or landscapes. A rolled canvas print is printed on archival quality canvas, laminated and ready to be framed. It’s an excellent option for those with limited storage space as it can be rolled up in a tube, which makes shipping and storage much easier. It’s also less expensive than a framed print, but it may not be as durable and offers limited frame options.

How do I make a canvas print?

Rolled canvas prints need to be stretched before they can be hung. This can be done yourself or at a local framing studio. The advantage of having a professional stretch the canvas is that they use first class materials and techniques, which ensure that your art won’t loosen over time. However, it is an extra cost, so it’s important to decide whether the additional expense is worth it for your needs.

There are several things to keep in mind when ordering a rolled canvas print, including the image size and aspect ratio. Matching the image size and print size is a good way to avoid any issues when it comes to the final product.

Unroll the print and apply some pressure to the face of it to remove any air bubbles. You can use a hard burnishing roller (not a paint roller) and start at one end of the print and move your way across the surface, applying pressure to smooth it out.

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