Planning a Bachelorette Party Cruise

A bachelorette party cruise is an awesome option for a warm-weather celebration. Many captains can take you to sandbars for the group to jump in for a swim, hang out and enjoy food and drinks, or even meet other boaters anchored nearby.

Another perk of a bachelorette party cruise is that it’s easy to plan and book. Unlike group activities or vacations where everyone’s budget might come into play, a cruise is an all-in-one package that covers the majority of your trip costs upfront. This eliminates arguing over who is paying for what, and allows for a seamless experience.

Most cruises offer a variety of activities, so be sure to ask your charter company what to expect. Some options include a spa day, a relaxing sail, and even a game show!

Nautical Nights: How to Throw an Epic Bachelorette Party on a Cruise

When it comes to planning your cruise, it’s always good to get a headcount early on so that you can book an appropriate-sized vessel. You don’t want your bachelorette crew to be crammed together and uncomfortable, especially while you’re on the water.

It’s also a good idea to bring snacks, a dry bag for your valuables, and some fun games to keep the energy high. Lastly, it’s customary to tip your captain and crew for their service on the water, so be sure to bring some cash! This is an especially important consideration if you’re traveling with multiple bridesmaids. You’ll want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the costs upfront, and it will help avoid any misunderstandings once you start splitting Venmo requests.

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