Mega Patches

Mega Patches

MEGA PATCH(TM) is a cold patch material designed to become part of the pavement once it has reached full cure. Unlike most products, MEGA PATCH(TM) does not stay in place by weight alone, but is actually held in place by the bonds created with the road surface. It takes less time than asphalt to reach traffic hardness and is unaffected by water or UV light.Find out

How to Get a Mega Patch in Pokemon Fire Red

To unlock the new mega evolution system in Pokémon fire red, you need to patch your rom with lunar ips, open the rom in the modded pokemon generator and choose the Pokemon you want to have a mega patch, then in the method of evolution select the mega stone for that Pokemon and the game will do the rest. The only catch is that it will revert to its original non-mega evolution after the battle.

The Yankees signed a deal with insurance company Starr to put the company’s logo on their jerseys next season. The contract is worth an estimated $25 million per year, making it one of the largest jersey patch deals in Major League baseball history.

Show your love for the horde with this huge Mad Viking original “Skully” patch! Measuring in at 13 inches wide and 14 inches tall, this patch is sure to make a statement on any vest, shirt or jacket. Made with high quality materials that will hold up to even the most rugged environments, this patch is perfect for any Mad Viking enthusiast!

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