How to Make a Rope Dog Leash

rope dog leash

A rope dog leash (also called a long line or check cord) is used to allow dogs some freedom when they are out on the trail. This is a good way to let them explore the woods or beach without running off and getting lost. However, these long lines put a lot of pressure on the dog’s neck and can cause rope burn. Additionally, if they get tangled in something or caught in a tree and are yanked on while running at full speed, this can cause serious injuries to both the dog and the person holding the leash.

Rugged and Reliable: The Ultimate Guide to Rope Dog Leashes for Active Pups

These problems can be avoided by using a polypropylene roping that is designed specifically as a premium dog rope. PP multicord has a fine 48-strand woven sheath and supple inner core that makes for a comfortable, high-quality rope. This rope also has a higher strength rating than traditional climbing-style nylon ropes, making it suitable for use on long lines with dogs and other pets.

To make a simple and functional rope leash, start by weaving the strands of your chosen PP multicord together until you have a long, thick rope. Then, tie a figure 8 knot at the end that will attach to your carabiner. I prefer to use a figure 8 because it is an extremely secure knot that is often used in rock climbing, but you can simply use a standard overhand loop knot if you don’t have a carabiner or prefer a different style.

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