How to Create Engaging Content As an Online Gaming Influencer

Gaming influencers might seem an unlikely partner in the broader ‘lifestyle and Instagram’ stereotype of influencer marketing, but they offer access to a unique cross-over audience, community, and subculture. Their ability to create trends, sway purchase decisions, and foster a sense of belonging is unrivaled by any other type of content creator, and the way they engage with their followers through live streams, YouTube videos, and social platforms like TikTok and Twitter gives them enormous value as an amplifier for messaging, and a source of informed, grass-roots feedback.Learn more:

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Gamers are a diverse group, and their interests are far ranging. The most effective way to reach them is with targeted influencer collaborations. Identify the gaming influencers who resonate most closely with your demographic and genre, and consider partnering with them to produce a series of campaigns that are organically matched to their audience’s needs, preferences, and engagement levels.

1. Pre-launch Promotion

Gaming influences can promote new video games and features to their audiences, promoting early access to the title and generating excitement ahead of its release. They can also host in-game challenges for their followers to complete, leveraging the influencer’s reach to generate buzz and encourage play, and providing a valuable incentive in the form of rewards.

2. Gameplay Videos and Live Streams

Gaming influencers’ audiences love to watch them play their favourite titles, resulting in an engaged and active following. Partnering with them to develop informative tutorials or how-to guides that are related to your product, can help educate your audience and position you as a knowledgeable industry leader.

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