How to Apply For Amazon Influencer Program

apply for amazon influencer

Apply for amazon influencer is one of the oldest e-commerce websites and, despite only selling books not so long ago, has now branched out into a massive online marketplace. Their influencer program lets anyone with a large social media following and genuine engagement with their audience recommend products to their friends, family, and followers and earn commissions on the sales of qualifying items they recommend.

Sign in to your Amazon account or create a new one if you don’t have an account

To apply for the Amazon influencer program, you’ll need a social media account with a decent number of followers and engagement (ideally Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) and a well-curated, interesting profile. You’ll also need to agree to their operating agreement and confirm that your content isn’t directed at children under 13. If you don’t meet all of the criteria, don’t worry – you can continue growing your audience, creating engaging content, and recommending relevant products while you wait to reapply.

Once you’re accepted to the Amazon influencer program, you can start building your custom storefront and monetizing your recommendations. If a customer browsing Amazon sees your product photos or review videos and then makes a purchase, you’ll earn onsite associates rates. These are lower than affiliate commissions, but it’s still a great way to monetize your content and connect with Amazon’s massive audience.

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