Healthy Doodle Puppies For Adoption

Healthy Doodle Puppies for Adoption

Healthy Doodle Puppies for Adoption you’re thinking about adopting a doodle, consider the options available to you. It’s best to do so through a rescue, local shelter, or doodle pet group instead of a commercial breeder or puppy mill. This will help to reduce demand for poorly bred doodles and help to put an end to backyard breeding operations.

Many breeders will advertise their puppies as “hypoallergenic,” but this is misleading. Doodles have curly, dense coats that require regular grooming. They also shed a fair amount, especially when crossbred with dogs that shed a lot like Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers. This can create a significant expense for prospective dog owners who don’t realize that the hypoallergenic coating is only partially true and requires extensive grooming.

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A study found that doodle owners reported that maintenance levels were higher than they expected, and this may be because of miscommunication between breeders and potential buyers. In fact, more than twice as many doodle owners compared to purebred and mixed breed dog owners said that their expectations about shedding and grooming were unrealistic.

Thankfully, there are several doodle rescues that work tirelessly to place rescued doodles with loving families. These organizations typically rely on foster homes and do not have physical facilities, and they give priority for adoption to people who will provide a safe and comfortable home while their foster dogs wait for their forever homes. They also provide socialization and training for the doodles they save, helping them to become well-adjusted pets that thrive in family environments.

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