Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

A Headspace oxygen analyzer is a non-destructive gas-based inspection system that measures the quantity of selected gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, residual moisture and absolute pressure) in the space within hermetically sealed packages. This method is used to verify the integrity of a packaged product, confirming that it has not been compromised by deterioration or contamination. This can result in bacterial growth, reduced drug potency or rancidity. This is especially important with sterile liquid and lyophilized drugs where any change in container headspace conditions can affect the safety of the product, potentially causing the onset of oxidation-related degradation that results in loss of quality or product efficacy.

What is the principle of headspace gas analyzer?

The headspace oxygen analyzer utilizes tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to measure the concentration of a specified gas in the space between the product and the container walls. A laser tuned to the absorption lines of a specific gas (760 nm for Oxygen, 1854 nm for Moisture, 2000 nm for Carbon Dioxide) is shone into the headspace of the package. The intensity of the transmitted light is proportional to the gas concentration and can be related to a concentration value using Beer-Lambert law.

Designed for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) testing, the analyzer is compact and portable. The sensor is mounted on a probe that can be inserted into a food package through a septum seal pad. Once the sample has been pushed through, the probe can be removed with an internal pump and a reading on the display is displayed within 15-20 seconds. The analyzer is simple to use and is battery operated. An ON/OFF switch and a user calibrated sensor are both included along with a reusable needle, syringe pump, oxygen sensor and tubing.

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