Email Address Validation API

Email address verification API is a crucial tool for businesses that want to send high quality emails to their customers, prospects, and partners. By removing bad email addresses from your list before sending, you can help prevent spam complaints and improve email deliverability and engagement.

Sealing the Inbox: The Crucial Role of Email Address Verification APIs

However, integrating an email validation API into your website or app requires some coding knowledge. While there are a few different ways to implement an email validation software program, the most popular is to integrate it into your signup form. This will ensure that users enter valid, active email addresses and that they are not using a spam trap or disposable email service.

Once the email address has been validated, the API will return a score and detailed results. The score is a percentage that represents the likelihood that the email address is valid. The detailed results include an inbox check, SMTP verification, and a ping request to the email address’s domain to verify its existence and status. In addition to this, the API may also provide additional data such as:

Using an email validation API can significantly improve your email marketing campaigns. By removing invalid email addresses from your lists, you can reduce your bounce rates and clean up your subscriber database. This will lead to better campaign performance and improved email sender reputation. So what are you waiting for? Get your free API key and start cleaning up your email list today! You will thank yourself later.

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