Chula Vista City Attorney – Who Will Be Elected?

The city Chula Vista Attorney is the top lawyer for the city of Chula Vista. The city attorney gives legal advice to City Council members and helps with public records requests. They also represent the city in civil lawsuits. The position is elected every four years. This year voters will choose between two candidates. Both have experience in the City Attorney’s office but they differ in approach to the job.

Securing Your Future: Partnering with a Chula Vista Attorney

Bart Miesfeld is a hands-on lawyer with a proven track record. He has worked in the City Attorney’s office since 2008 as a law school intern and has represented San Diego, Coronado, and other cities as a private lawyer. Miesfeld has been endorsed by six Chula Vista Mayors including Democratic Mary Salas and Steve Padilla, independent Shirley Horton, and Republicans Greg Cox and Cheryl Cox.

Marco Verdugo’s approach is to be a watchdog and keep City Hall accountable. He has a federal public defender background and has his own private practice in Chula Vista. He wants to help working-class and middle-class families find affordable housing and good schools. He says the City Attorney should make sure residents can trust the people they work with.

Both candidates support bringing a university to Chula Vista. They say the city can work with the Chamber of Commerce and public school districts to attract a college. They would work to remove the state Route 125 toll fee that has deterred outside businesses from coming to Chula Vista. They also want to create more housing units for working-class and middle-class families.

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