Can Device Fingerprinting Tools Detect Device Spoofing?


Device fingerprinting is the process of using information about a device’s hardware and software to identify its unique attributes. This allows websites and apps to build a profile of each user’s behaviour and tailor content to them, while helping to prevent fraud.

For example, device fingerprinting tools can identify a device’s operating system, browser type, and version, screen resolution, installed fonts and plugins, language settings and more. This data can then be compared with a database of known fingerprints to identify and track a device’s behavior. This is used by online retailers to protect their customers and by web and app owners to verify users’ identities, spot chargeback and friendly fraud attempts, as well as detect bot attacks.

But it’s important to remember that device fingerprinting is a risky technology. Not only is it a potential privacy concern, but it can also be inaccurate and create profiles that aren’t representative of the device’s true characteristics. For this reason, it should only be used with appropriate consent and transparency.

Can device fingerprinting detect device spoofing?

Yes, the latest device fingerprinting solutions can identify red flags such as JavaScript injections. They can also test for graphical challenges like Google’s Picasso method, which asks devices to replicate some graphics and measures the differences between them. Inconsistent or missing data points can also be a sign of fraudulent usage and a good device fingerprinting solution will be able to recognize these. In addition, they will be able to withstand the disruptions caused by incognito browsing, VPNs, changes to the user agent or IP address, and other factors that could cause data to change or be obscured.

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